As in school or any other place, gym lockers also requires certain rules. You need to follow certain rules or etiquettes in gym locker as well. You can’t just go to the gym create a mess there and come back. If you do so, you will be one of those not liked by others or one who creates problems for people coming to the gym after him. So below we have discussed certain rules necessary to follow in the gym:

1) Get in and get out

So locker rooms aren’t for resting rather you should go in quickly and change quickly. If you have to take a shower, then do that as well in limited time. So whatever you have to do you have to do it fast.

2) Look around

The second step in etiquette requires you to be conscious of your surroundings. This rule applies that you should take care of others around you Moreover it means that you should see if you are using too much of a machine which someone else also requires. Or you have used all the bench by putting your clothes, and there is no space for others to put theirs. So you should not do such things rather cooperate with others.

3) Clean up after yourself

Ok now if you are using some place you need to keep it clean. In other words, people coming after you should not find any signs of you being there. For instance, you should throw used tissues in the dustbin and not on the floor.

4) Bring a lock

You can’t be blaming the authorities for the loss of your things. If you want the same locker every day, then bring with you a lock to put in your locker in order to get the same one every day and to avoid loss of your things.

5) Turn off your cell phone

So people stop taking selfies in the gym rather keep your cells off in the locker. Besides selfies, you should not be using your phones during the workout.

6) Keep your eyes and hands to yourself

This is very important in the gym. You should only keep your eyes on yourself rather than peeping on others. The gym is not a place to do so.

7) Limit conversation

You need to avoid long conversations in locker rooms. It is considered as bad manners.

8) Showers aren’t urinals

Now you should keep the showers clean. It is extremely shameful to pee in a shower.

9) Wear flip flops

You ought to be wearing either flip flops or sandals.

10) Use blow dryers for hands

Blow dryers are to be used for hands rather than any other body part. It is not on manners to use dryers for any other body part rather than hands.

11) Limit grooming

Locker rooms are not places for shaving rather you can only use it for hair, brush or spraying some deodorants.

12) Tip your locker room

Very important is that you have to tip the persons in charge of your lockers. They do a really hard job of cleaning the mess you create.