If you are not bulky and want to get thicker and gain muscles, then take it as a challenge, and it’s not so complicated to build up body mass in a right way. You just need to make a routine for your training programs to be opted along with maintaining your diet and calorie balance. With a little change in your way of living, you can be the stronger and thicker just like you want your body to be.

 Following are some ways to build up body mass:


Land lime is beneficial, and once you get to know about it, then you will find it very useful for your physical fitness. It strengthens the major muscle groups and you get all your exercises in one functional tool. This tool is a great warm up for your muscle strengthening workout.


This tool is very much useful for strengthening the whole body. It needs serious control and strength, especially in oblique muscles. It looks little difficult, but it is much effective.  


It is not an easy one but not the difficult one. You go for it by holding your body weight on your arms with the shoulder. It is the full body exercise and also requires serious strength and control.


This is a muscle building exercise and is almost included in every athlete training program. Its objective is to target your arms, chest or in short your whole body. You can plan it out anywhere, anytime, it does not need any equipment. There are also a variety of pushups you can perform for your strengthening muscles and physical fitness anywhere and anytime. For example feet elevated pushup and single led pushup.


For supersizing your back, you need to go through strategic high-intensity workouts and rep ranges. It could be horizontal pulls, vertical pulls, deadlift variations, pullover movements, and loaded carries.


Everyone try their best to maintain healthy life or attain physical fitness as much as they can by going to gym thrice or twice a week or by attending yoga classes. Researchers have figured that with protein intake, cardio workout, and prioritizing antioxidants you attain new levels of strength. Your goal can be of attaining physical fitness and heart health. The quality of your diet and exercises you opt make all the difference. The researchers present solid all round plan to build one’s fitness which is called short for protein pacing, resistance exercise, interval sprints, stretching and endurance exercise. These programs not only enhance the fitness of already physical fit people but also improve the metabolic rate and heart health.


Life is about doing the right thing at the right time; similar is the case with your health. Scientists say, attaining physical fitness is not about eating less and do more exercises, but it is about eating the right food at the right time and do exercises which could be very effective and enhance your physical health and fitness.